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Novel approaches to a sustainable industrial «white» biotechnology

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Cluster Competition BioIndustry 2021 - by the German Federal Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF) - Strategic Partnership between Economy and Science - Winner is BIOCATALYSIS2021

In the course of their evolution, microorganisms have acquired a number of highly interesting and useful characteristics. If these are used in industrial applications, in the nutrition or chemicals industries for example, it is termed ‘industrial biotechnology’.

In order to further promote this business activity, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) initiated the cluster competition BioIndustrie 2021 in the autumn of 2006. The ultimate aim is to boost the strategic partnership between economy and science in general.

With this in mind, funding totalling 60 million euros has been put to one side for the coming five years. With additional commitment from participating companies, R&D projects should receive funding topping 150 million euros. The defining goal of the BioIndustry 2021 competition is to bring together the necessary institutions and disciplines, e.g. life sciences, chemistry, physics, computer science as well as engineering sciences (e.g. process engineering, machine and equipment construction, process and cybernetics, analytics), and to promptly and efficiently organise them into interdisciplinary project teams. Strategic clusters are hoped to emerge out of the framework of the competition, which will merge all the involved parties into a network architecture.

This network will include research establishments and companies, venture capital financers and banks, which will work together to define core competencies, forms of financing, to develop strategies for future markets and to implement suitable projects in the common interest. As part of the funding initiative, these self-organising clusters will themselves take part in a broader competition, which is intended to strengthen the location of Germany for industrial biotechnology.

The winners are:

Each receiving 20 million Euros:

Funded with 10 million Euros:

Each receiving 5 million Euros:

  • BMBF announces winners BioIndustrie2021, 27.6.07 (PDF 23 KB)
  • BMBF - Entscheidung Cluster-Wettbewerb BioIndustrie2021 vom 30.5.07 (PDF 55 KB)
  • BMBF - Beschreibung BIOKATALYSE2021 vom 30.5.07 (PDF 79 KB)

  • Novel approaches to a sustainable industrial «white» biotechnology