Sustainable Biocatalysis Opening New Paths
Novel approaches to a sustainable industrial «white» biotechnology

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Cluster BIOCATALYSIS2021 – Our Partners

The Cluster BIOCATALYSIS2021 coordinates the unique expert knowledge of 15 large companies, 19 small and medium-sized companies, as well as of 27 academic research groups and 7 agencies promoting innovations and economy. Through network-ing of all partners the application of fundamental knowledge in the manufacture of innovative chemicals, cosmetics, foods and deter-gents throughout the entire value-added structure from screening to the ultimate consumers is ensured.
BIOCATALYSIS2021 is open for further partners and projects. Applications are welcome. Please contact us.


Coordination & Clustermanagement: Dr. Helmut Thamer (Clustermanagement, Coordinator), former CEO of TuTech Innovation GmbH, Prof. Dr. Garabed Antranikian (Scientific Coordinator), President of the Hamburg University of Technology and since Juli 2011 Prof. Andreas Liese, Head of Institute of Biocatalysis, Hamburg University of Technology (strategic cluster development). Operationally, they are supported by the BIOCATALYSES2021-Office.

Cluster BIOCATALYSIS2021 – Partners:

Picture - BIOCATALYSIS2021 Annual Cluster-Meeting 2011 12-13
September at Hochschule Hannover

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Novel approaches to a sustainable industrial «white» biotechnology